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I love making cards personal, unique and a gift all on their own. I am inspired by vintage themes, thrift store finds, organic materials, old books and anything else that strikes my fancy. I have been making handmade cards for friends and family for years, starting with crayon and construction paper and moving right on up to Tombow© Brush Pens and pretty cardstock.

A few of my favorite things…

I am sure we all have products that we love, and use again and again!

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I would love to know which products you love best (and which don’t work so well), so please feel free to share!

Happy Crafting!


Crafty Q and A

Welcome to the *BRAND NEW AND SHINY* Lyons and Finch Stationers Blog! Yes, that’s right, I am blogging now…I will be using this space to try out new products, test new ideas, and provide a platform for sharing crafty ideas and techniques.

Right now, I am kind of obsessed with:

  • Paper Medallions and Rossettes
  • Modern Brush Calligraphy
  • Paper Marbling ( I am using nail polish!)
  • Bunting and Pennant Banners
  • Cross Stitch Embroidery (random, and not at all related to paper…)

I would LOVE to learn:

  • A more sophisticated paper marbling technique
  • How to make my own paper and envelopes (I have seen some with flowers and it looks, and smells, beautiful)
  • How to make Paper Flowers

What are your crafting obsessions? What do you want to learn next?

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